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Adding Javadoc to NetBeans 

What is "Netbeans"?

Netbeans is a free Java developers environment from Sun. IMO is is much easier to use than Eclipse.

The best part of the deal is that NetBeans is 100% free. If you are new to Java Software Development, NetBeans is a great place to start before you upgrade to a professional IDE like JBuilder.


Once NetBeans is installed, most folks also want to install the on-line help for Java.

For the perplexed, to install the Java documentation (know as JavaDoc) all we have to do is:

(a) Download the official JDK docs from

(b) Unzip the doc into the JDK directory (on MS Windows, mine was under C:\Sun\SDK\jdk)

(c) From the main NetBeans Menu, select "Tools | Java Platform Manager".

(d) Select the platform you need to Javadoc in the left side of the Platform Manager.

(e) Click the Javadoc tab. Select Add ZIP/Folder. Type in the directory location of the newly unziped Javadoc files.

(f) Close the Dialog. Your changes will be saved automatically.


The hardest part can be finding the proper version of the help files you need. If you were looking for JavaHelp on version 1.5, then try

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Thanksgiving for - Our New Blog-ability! 

Wow - this was easy.

There I was writing my own blog-site CMS solution, when the inspiration suddenly hit me: Why not see what my fellow open-source dweebs have cobbled-together for ready reuse?

So I did and here it is.

How long?

After spending a few dozen minutes reviewing the code from just as many entries, this entire project took less than 10 minutes to get it installed, configured, and tested. After a few security-hacking attempts on my part, what you see here represents about an hour more spent making it all look a little more custom.

Bottom line

Astounding! But what am I going to do with all of the Thanksgiving Vacation time I saved up for this week? (Honestly: this re-use just pushed us about 2 part-time, scheduled calendar-time years ahead of the project's R&D curve!)

Coming soon

Oh well: The plans are to re-host as much of the recent 'blogging traffic here as I can. Over time, I also plan to migrate everything from those 20 year-old BYTE Magazine articles, to my most recent + fatuitous entries at Network World.

... Definitely a work in progress here, so stay tuned!

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