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Return of the Piranha 
Got a cheap, NEW-name Micro SD card. Should have known better, but - after avoiding so many NAND 'knock-offs & outright scams - the card looked genuine?

Yikes. The chips did not even have the decency to die - just trashed my data after working fine for the first bank.

Pure evil.

Knowing what I know from my security & robotics days, I had to either chip it, or get a refund. Times being what they are, we opted for the cash back.

Yet using `dd` and /dev/urandom would have taken days (~150 GB / day!)

So we updated ye olde 'Piranha wipe to gen the files - one group per PID.

Took three 'fish' a few hours to trash 400GB - (odd number of K - yet another sign that the card was untrustworthy!)

Thought I would share the code.

Enjoy the journey,

-- Randall

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REALLY easy data entry for Python... 
Had to share this one: Create a field-name dictionary, show the window, then enumerate-out the results.

Code: To see the code on GitHub, click here

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Basic Subject Editor 
Building upon the techniques presented in our Graphical Command Line Editor, we decided to create a basic note-taking interface:

Here is the code:

from tkinter import *
from collections import OrderedDict
# Mission: Create a way to edit the subject & content of a message.

class EditorParams:
def __init__(self, *fields):
self.params = OrderedDict()
for field in fields:
self.params[field] = ''
self.params[EditorParams.EDITBOX] = ''

class Editor:
def __init__(self):
self._dict = None
self._isOk = None
self.last_row = None
self.text = None
self.eparams = None

def _okay(self):
self._isOk = True

def _cancel(self):
self._isOk = False

def Begin(eparams, title="Input"):
if not isinstance(eparams, EditorParams):
raise Exception("Begin: Instance of EditorParams expected.")

''' Create the frame, add the title, as well as the input fields.'''
self = Editor() = Tk()

self.eparams = eparams
if self.eparams.params[EditorParams.EDITBOX] is None:
self.eparams.params[EditorParams.EDITBOX] = ""

self._dict = OrderedDict()

if title:

self.last_row = 0
# zFields (A Label, plus an Entry, in a grid layout)
for ref in self.eparams.params:
if ref == EditorParams.EDITBOX:
obj = Label(, text=str(ref))
obj.grid(row=self.last_row, column=0)

if self.eparams.params[ref] is None:
self.eparams.params[ref] = ''

obj = Entry(, bd=5, width=50)
obj.grid(row=self.last_row, column=1)
obj.insert(0, self.eparams.params[ref])

self.last_row += 1
return self

def End(prompter):
''' Add the closing edit area, buttons, center, and pack the Frame.'''
if prompter.last_row is None:
return False
if isinstance(prompter, Editor) is False:
return False

# zNotepad
bottom = Frame(
bottom.grid(row=prompter.last_row, columnspan=2)
prompter.text = Text(bottom, height=25, width=50)
prompter.text.insert(END, prompter.eparams.params[EditorParams.EDITBOX])
prompter.last_row += 1

# zButtons (A Frame in the grid, plus the properly-centered pair of buttons)
bottom = Frame(
bottom.grid(row=prompter.last_row, columnspan=2)
btn = Button(bottom, text="Okay", command=prompter._okay)
btn.pack(side=LEFT, pady=12)

btn = Button(bottom, text="Cancel", command=prompter._cancel)
btn.pack(side=RIGHT, padx=10)

# zCenter (Close enough to make no odds?)
width =
height =
x = (width - / 2
y = (height - / 2"+%d+%d" % (x, y))

return True

def show(self):
from collections import OrderedDict
results = OrderedDict()
if self._isOk is not True:
return results

for ref in self._dict.keys():
results[ref] = (self._dict[ref]).get()
results[EditorParams.EDITBOX] = self.text.get("1.0", "end-1c")
return results

def Prompt(*fields, title="Input"):
''' Basic mission statement completed. '''
self = Editor.Begin(*fields, title=title)
if Editor.End(self) is False:
raise Exception("AddButtons: Unexpected Error.")

if __name__ == "__main__":
# Here is how we would use the Editor from a Console Program:
order = EditorParams("Preamble:", "Subject:")
order.params["Subject:"] = "of a modern ..."
order.params["Preamble:"] = "I am the very model ..."
order.params[EditorParams.EDITBOX] = "Python interface."
results = Editor.Prompt(order, title="Just Do It!")
if len(results) is 0:
print("Pressed Cancel - no values!")
print("Pressed Okay - got values!")
for ref in results:
print(ref, results[ref])

New to this edition is the "Model View Controller" flavor, wherein we need to create + provide an EditorParams so as to support the mission statement (i.e. adding notes to a data record.)


(NEW TODAY: Code now available on GitHub)

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