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An SQLite Database For Wikiquotes 
Once we have any significant collection of data, the next natural thing to do is obvious ...

So here is a link to it!

Please note that:

(1) The database file is for sqlite3. It is ~50MB.
(2) Of the original 5,225, there are 4,544 populated topics ("pages").
(3) Of the original 153,621, there are 146,545 size-filtered citations ("quotes"). I estimate that as much as 80% of them are completely fatuous?
(4) Newlines embedded in quotes are encoded as "<br>".
(5) Single quotes are encoded as "&#39;".
(6) To eliminate duplications, the quotes.ID is a 'Pythonic:
zlib.crc32(bytes(quote, "utf8"), 0)
(6) The `pages` table obviously relates to the `quotes` table via the `quotes.ID`.

sqlite> .schema
CREATE TABLE pages (ID integer primary key not null, page text, quote_id integer);
CREATE TABLE quotes (ID integer primary key not null, quote text);
sqlite> select count(*) from pages;
sqlite> select count(*) from quotes;
sqlite> select count(*) from (select distinct page from pages);

I share this database in the hopes that a genuine 'quotie will help the planet by selecting their favorite quotes from this locus ... and share them with others!

(... and you can bet your *blippy* that I will be doing the same!)

Sharing is caring,


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Python By Requirement 
Hi guys!

Today I wanted everyone to know that our new book "Python 1000, By Requirement" - or simply "Python by Requirement" - is now available on Amazon.

No matter what we call it however, note that the book includes a coupon. The coupon allows anyone to view our Python 1000 videos for free!

Better still, if you are part of Amazon's "Kindle Club" (kindle unlimited) then you & yours can get the book, the videos, the starter & solutions files (etc.) for 'nada, as well.

Interested parties can click here to see what the book is all about.

Finally, many like to note that a world-famous author once noted that "education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." Surely this also means that learning must also be a journey... not a destination?

Enjoy the Journey!

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PR1000.03: Creating A HexWriter & HexReader 
Welcome to yet another add-on project for Python 1000!

In PR02 we created a "hex dumper."

Every time we create something new, we have an opportunity to "weaponize" what we have learned so as to add to our own functional "arsenal."

Having completed PR02, we have done enough research to create a hex-dump "Reader." A parser that will read what we have encoded.

In PR03 therefore we shall complement that newfound hex-dump experience so as to create a hexadecimal "decoder," as well. You can click here to review the requirements & design specification.

Those who need an introduction to the UML (at least enough to understand the core diagrams) might enjoy our YouTube UML Primer (video link).

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