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Crowd-Funded Democracy? 
My Congressman reports:

"Last week, I joined many of my colleagues on a bipartisan letter to President Obama, requesting that he receive Congressional authorization before ordering U.S. military action in Syria. I appreciate the President's decision to respect the role of Congress and present its case to both the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate this week."

Way to Go, Obama!

Nice call - After 5 years, like myself many feel genuinely proud of our President's ability to voluntarily defer to a democratic process!

What's next? Well, thanks to "Obamacare" our nation is now at least 20% less able to help other nations.

Moreover, The Constitution of The United States of America CLEARLY states that our Government needs to insure the "blessings of liberty to ourselves, and our posterity?" -No mention of foreign nations there?

The System Works!

Yet, Americans are amongst the most compassionate & generous people in the world. If Obama would like U.S to help, then simply gift us some type of tax-deduction. --In our modern age of "crowd funding", surely WE THE PEOPLE can send the Syrians - or some type of intervention fund - a PayPal?

Who knows - Not only would crowd-funding adequately handcuff those annoyingly self-centred foreign nationals, lobbyists, & special-interest groups, but Congress might raise EVEN MORE money that way!

Marketing: The Ultimate Problem?

Yet what to call our new, democratic, ad-hoc policy-funding idea: PayPal, or Crowd-Funded, Diplomacy? Indeed, depending upon a 3rd party's moral imperative, Congress might even offer other interest groups an opportunity to dollar-match each & every contribution.

Is America growing tired of seeing too much power in the wrong hands? If so, feel free to share this message if you think that some form of "PayPal Democracy" might be the answer!

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How to turn a Call into a Client? 
LinkedIn Question: "Those of us who provide expertise for a living, do you have a concrete path you follow with each new prospect to convert them from a person making an inquiry to a paying client? Do you use a written proposal, letter of engagement, or agreement of some sort? Or do you just tell them your rates, do the work, then send them an invoice?"

Informal Response: "I dunno if this is a fair answer but, in general, geeking-out often "just works" for me ... Next to that is surely honesty, integrity, and demonstrating genuine experience / insight on-the-call.

Above all, never lie. Accurately represent what you know: We must trust that most folks can detect bad 'mojo?

Be sure to ask a client where they want to go next, then take it to heart. We often need to learn how to listen better. Repeat what the caller says back to them several times in different ways. Demonstrating an ability to listen assures a caller that you are thinking about their needs.

After the caller becomes a client, the next task is to discover how to manage expectations ... but expectation management is another story!"

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Ubuntu 10.04 LTS & LibreOffice 
Collected from various sources, please allow me to consolidate my notes on how to REPLACE the default version of OpenOffice - as included with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS - with LibreOffice.

Removing OpenOffice

In order to avoid crippling programs that require spell-checking (like FireFox), one needs to be very selective in choosing what we remove:

sudo apt-get purge uno-libs3 ure

Installing LibreOffice

In order to install LibreOffice, the default repositories have to be added:

sudo apt-get install python-software-properties
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:libreoffice/libreoffice-4-0
Ignore the "gpg: no ultimately trusted keys found."


sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libreoffice
sudo apt-get upgrade

BONUS: If yours is a new install and / or you want to install Java (not required), then while working at that command-line terminal here is the best way to install Oracle Java:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-installer

Next, simply select "Applications | Ubuntu Software Center" to search for & install LibreOffice:

To verify all has worked properly, check to see that the menu shortuts have been created.

OF course the trouble with OpenOffice is that since Oracle has far-outsourced the R&D of the project overseas (just like Microsoft Office - Completely ignored CUA!), it no longer works properly. Unlike OpenOffice, I have yet to crash LibreOffice under Ubuntu when (for example) converting documents between the Open and Microsoft Formats.

See: ... rg-in.html


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