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Windows Update: Error 0x8024400A? 

Deja Foo

My son came to me - yet again - with another slow, virus infested, computer. --So for what seemed to be the 10,000th time I wiped it, installed the factory disks, and went to Microsoft Windows Update. ...

Ooops! Error 0x8024400A!

Unusual Fire-Drill?

Amidst an unusual torrent of insane googled-advice on what that error actually meant, recollecting that the version of MS Windows was not yet laden with the most recent service packs, we installed them. Thereafter, all worked extremely well.

Lesson To Share

So despite the plethora of bad advice on how to fix Windows Update Errors (including installing some blatantly virus-laden software!), we wanted to share the fact that you should surely consider downloading + installing THE LATEST OS SERVICE PACK, first.

In this case, all we needed was to locate, download, then install SP3 for Windows XP.

Path To Nerdvanna

So today the operating system re-installation process for Windows is:

(1) BACKUP any DATA (not infested files, please) that you do not wish to LOOSE.

(2) If you do not have a driver CD from your manufacturer, then at least try to get a list of the machine's Vendor-Specific Hardware. (As required for Step 6, below.)

(3) Boot from your Operating System Install / Recovery media.

(4) Wipe your hard-drive. (The best way to do that is to REMOVE, RE-CREATE, and RE-FORMAT your OLD PARTITION.)

(5) Install your Operating System.

(6) Install your Vendor Machine-Specific Drivers.

(7) Locate, and / or download & install the most recent MS Service Pack.

(8) THEN Visit Windows Update as normal - all will work as supported, thereafter.

While you are at it, consider using Virtual Box... Why? First, if you can install the above under a virtual machine, Step 6 becomes absolutely unnecessary. --Better still, the NEXT time we need to re-install the locus, all I'll need to do is to restore from a snapshot, appliance, or folder. Recovery can be as quick as a drag-and-drop!

Enjoy your Holiday?!


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Beyond "Project | Clean" - Troubleshooting those Strange Eclipse Problems 
When using Eclipse, from time to time the following type of article is worth a bookmark:

"In my time helping people with their Eclipse installs I have seen time after time situations where a crash of Eclipse, the VM or the computer or even just long months of development have started to wear down the stability of the workspace where Eclipse stores everything. ..."



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Sunday Learning: GWT 
I don't know about you, but making a week more enjoyable often involves deliberately adding a special day.

For us, we like to be sure to have one day set aside for discovering and / or mastering new ideas.

In as much as a lot of things often need to get done on Saturday, in a like manner, just as many distractions ever seem to disappear the day after.

So by way of celebrating the practice & mastery of cool concepts, today our thoughts returned to Google's GWT.


By allowing us to "compile" Java into browser-specialized code, GWT can help us maintain tedious labyrinths of JavaScript with object-oriented ease. -Clearly a revolutionary concept in browser-support history, perhaps some day someone will allow us to do the same with PHP?

Historical Pattern

Of course, the pattern of front-ending a nasty set of code with a more manageable set of object, after all, is well known.

Indeed, from a historical prospective, one cannot help but to recollect a little tool called CFRONT.

For us early adapters (pun, pun) of OO for C, CFRONT was used to mitigate between C++ and C. Surely some day 'tech historians will agree that CFRONT brought the object-oriented revolution (let alone the GWT object-to-procedural-code management process?) to the "sunday-learning" masses.

Managing The 'Web

Yet regardless of how one might feel about Object Orientation in general (or Java in particular?), over time everyone agrees that maintaining a rich, browser-aware web presence in PHP - let alone JavaScript - quickly becomes a nightmare.

(How much of a nightmare, you might ask? Well, a few years back I was offered a salary of $250,000 / year to maintain an extensive PHP / JavaScript web-site-n-service 'farm.' Even with their local office, I would be allowed to work pretty much from home. The ideal job? Yet even at 1/4 million dollars a year, they were having trouble finding anyone who wanted to do it... I turned them down, too.)

If you what to learn a little more about how to 'web-in' the GWT, then many find this discussion to be of great interest.

If you already use eclipse + the GWT plug-in, then by way of introduction to what many feel is a great way to save us all from waking, work-place horrors, feel free to click the related link, below.

Note that a supporting command-line tooling for GWT is also available. Note also that debugging requires a browser add-in (I used FireFox on Ubuntu. From AJAX to RPC via XDR: With a single click, the 2.5 release all finally worked great ... the very first time it ran! (i.e. getting it-all to run took some engineering with the previous releases.))

(p.s. The creepy little chesire cat was not included. That was just me 'Gimp-ing around.)



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