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Made my day friends - a big THANK YOU going out to all who have taken my Python Training!

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PR1000.05: Challenger Exercise for Python 1000 
Submitted for your approval, please find what used to be the official, yet informal "Challenger Exercise" for Python 1000.

Formally off the blackboard & shared today on GitHub as PR1000.05 (document link), these two basic UML Diagrams will be reviewed on Udemy at a future date.

Until then, those who need an introduction to the UML might enjoy our YouTube UML Primer (video link). While far from a comprehensive review of the Unified Modeling Language, this short video will cover how to decipher the two basic diagram types used in the above.

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PR1000.10: Create a Basic "Password Counter" in Python 
A very enthusiastic Python 1000 student asked for the creation of a few more practice activities.

We decided to share our first design as an official project.

Destined to be the first in a series of follow-on activities for our increasingly popular Python 1000 & Python 2000 training opportunities, we hope other new Python students will enjoy the sharing, as well.

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p.s: Those who need an introduction to the UML (at least enough to understand the above diagrams) might enjoy our YouTube UML Primer (video link).

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