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Go Green - Get Support? 
After a few decades at any activity, one can stand back & see many patterns. Indeed, after a few dozen years of collecting computing equipment, one can be amazed to see which solutions are still in service. -One might also rightly feel astounded over the sheer number of others that -by now - have surely been dumped-into-the-ocean.

Excellent Support

Such was my appreciation when I was recently reminded to upgrade the drivers for my Hewlett-Packard (HP) Printer. Purchased for us by Borland Software when I became a Principal for them in 1999, the device - even though it supports a now-deprecated Parallel Port Interface - is still actively being supported... Even on Ubuntu!

While we walk down the wall of shame of our garages-full of cheaper, no-support devices, everyone will see just the opposite. We see devices that - for a few dollars more paid to a company with some type of support-ethic - might otherwise still be in-service.

How sad!

Needless Obsolescence

Yet so it seems that our tragedies must ever be with "cheap" - what seems great when it was sold as being fast & affordable, can easily become the most expensive way to go, over time. Most certainly when the short-term costs of ''cheap'' are replaced over and over again!

Bigger Patterns

The choice of fast & cheap is merely yet another exercise into that classic cost-quality-time riddle: Pick any two, at the expense of the third. --Much like the sad "you get what you pay for" story behind lock-bumping, our real values ever seem to hide behind simply offering-up a few dollars more to obtain a rock-solid resource. -A resource that understands & embraces longer lived, open standards; A player that clearly knows how to architect, design, execute, & support their plans properly.

Way-to-go, HP!

Not only should our entire planet appreciate how HP supports their equipment over the decades, but their commitment to supporting their printers has outstripped even that of our original computer-system vendor. Hardware, software, and all.

So a big, fuzzy-warm THANK YOU to that Hewlett-Packard Printer Division for saving yet another completely operational slice of technology from the watery depths of the Mariana Trench!

Postscript: Irony of Ironies?

While I was gratified this morning by HP's auto-reminder in Ubuntu, yesterday I was equally discouraged by the sudden death of what I thought to be a great "deal:" ... 6883220319

I had used the unit for less than a week. (I also note that my review has yet to appear appear on newegg, as well?)

While I could have easily replaced that wimpy 300 Watt Power Supply with a more capable spare, I sent the entire unit back for replacement.

So, in closing, it occurs to me that just because someone makes a great Laptop (Asus) or Printer (HP), that other products - obviously - do not necessarily share the same design goals, teams, & resources.

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EzLog4j - Improvements 
A quick note to let everyone know that EzLog4J has been updated.

Nominally downloadable as "EzLog3", the progress toward "AboutTime 1.0" continues.

From a professional point of view, by allowing us to quickly categorize our project-related activities, EzLog4J can help us diagnose complex problems, as well as assist us in creating better status reports.

Notes are captured to standard, editable, log-files. Logs can also be searched, filtered, & then shared via CSV and HTML.

EzLog4J is designed to run anywhere Java is installed. Works great on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and elsewhere.

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Reasonable Rate Calculator Updated: 2013 = 2012 

Data for 2013

The verdict is in: It looks like our Per Diem Data for 2013 will be the same as 2012.

Brief Woe

Yet, things do indeed seem to be getting more expensive?

Even so - here is the update for the Reasonable Rate Calculator.

Don't forget the airfare! ;-)

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