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Making a "Magic Motor" 
Greetings from one man's 4th of July!

When our clan assembles for the holidays, it usually turns out to be more of a geek-fest.

If your family & friends are unafraid of jiggling a few exposed wires, then cobbling an easy-to-create "Magic Motor" together will be something for your & yours to enjoy.

Sharing is Caring,


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How To Java 
Welcome to the holiday weekend!

Those who know about our "Professional Java" series will be happy to know that (as usual!) with a little time off, we decided to release some more on-line goodies. This long weekend my target was the share the first lessons of my Professional Java 1000, 2000, and 3000 on YouTube.

We will be updating this playlist as more sessions are available.

If you are serious about learning more about this professional Java training opportunity, then students can learn more about the introductory set of lessons in our on-line catalog.

Happy Holidays!


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Let's Get Professional! 
Enough is enough already: Just because one is a new software developer does not mean that one should not know how to design & document what one needs to do!

Mission: POSSIBLE!

In as much as I often work with folks who could use a 'tad more insight into what professional software developers need-to-know to design & capture requirements, I wanted to do my best to help.

Professional Java 8100: Design, Frameworks & Threads

YouTube Lectures

Submitted for your approval please find the first public release of a 1-hour video presentation. -Known as "Professional Java," my goal is to allow you to experience a first-class training exercise. A quick view of a one-two lecture / lab punch. A set of three lessons designed to allow those who already know how to use Java discover what software developers most often need-to-know on-the-job.

Freely available on YouTube, my hope is that this 1-hour training + 1 hour lab seminar will help you take your career to the next level.

Introduction: Why the Training
Part One: Console Threading
Part Two: Designing Messages
Part Three: GUI & Frameworks

Lab Exercise Booklet

Like any professional training opportunity, you can also get the lab exercises & source code.

Part Labs: Labs & Code

See the related link (below) for more information.

Sharing is caring!


p.s: If you want learn about Java, then feel free to join the group.

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