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The Book of Glyphs 
A huge fan of representational graphics, it is with great humility that we announce the creation of "The Book of Glyphs."

From Mayan, Viking, Greek, CJK, and everything in the oh-so unsung Unicode middle ... if you like to appreciate character glyphs as an art-form (as if the world was not strange enough?) I hope you will enjoy geeking-out over our latest diversion.

A few of my personal favorites sets include Japanese, English Cursive, German Gothic, and Classic Greek.

For the art student, we also wanted to provide a more detailed view of what it takes to create vectors to share ideas within domains such as music, as well as other interesting glyph sets.

Our goal was to allow wee 'techies to quickly locate the glyphs that we wanted to re-use.

Please be aware that lots more glyphs will probably be added the NEXT time that we are looking for that "change of problem, that is as good as a rest" :-)

p.s. Presently hefting-in at over 3,000 files, if I were me then I wouldn't wait for the book... or the movie ... before re-using these glyphs in my own graphical 3D and 2D creations... Some of these glyphs have PLA and OpenSCAD written all over them! (no pun intended)

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Modern C/C++ Training 
With the rise of the robots and the IoT, has come a renewed interest in the raw, cross-platform power of Modern C/C++.

From the absolute fastest applications, to our operating systems themselves, there is a reason why even other programming languages are written in C/C++. Why use anything else?

Far from being a mere recital of 'how to c++' however, my C/C++ training offers students an ability to appreciate BOTH Modern C/C++, as well as the other 98% of the C/C++ code they will encounter in the professional world.

Submitted for community use therefore, I want everyone in our community to be able to enjoy the 1000, 2000, and 3000 series as their time and interest may permit.

Coupon: GNU C/C++ 1000 (click here)
Coupon: GNU C/C++ 2000 (click here)
Coupon: GNU C/C++ 3000 (click here)

Please see the introductory videos for more information.

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PyDAO: Turn CSV files into Databases & Python Code 
It's meetup time again!

In order to help our students make a fortune on the stock market, we decided to create a tool to help convert those nightly NASDAQ exports into a database.

Come to that, our new PyDAO project will convert ANY CSV (or other be-headed text-delimited file) into an SQLite Database, as well.

Click on the "Related Link" (below) to get started.

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