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New Training from 

Critical-Path Learning

We are pleased to be offering several new training opportunities:

1.) Training on Testing Topics

2.) Training on PHP for Developers

3.) Training on Microsoft C# for Developers

4.) Training on Microsoft VB.NET for Developers

5.) Training on Hibernate for Developers

I will personally teach each and every one of these topics.

Introductory Rates

Ranging from $800 for the 2-day trains, to $1,500 per student for the 5 day classes, because this training is new we are offering our partner rates to the general public.

I do not believe that anyone will find a better training value anywhere else?

New Topics Soon!

Coming soon: HTML 5 / CSS3 & JavaScript!

From C/C++ & embedded engineering to UML, we can create custom training on just about any technical topic.

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New Features for EzLog for Java 
While working for the client mentioned earlier, we found ourselves starting & stopping tasks. So much so, that even a spreadsheet was being challenged to create an invoice.

That was the bad news. The GOOD news was that we had a real & present excuse to add another feature to EzLog4j:

So in addition to "hotel ranking" (1 - 5 stars) our log entries, we can *now* also add start & stop time information:

(old version)

(new version)

The result is the ability to track just how long we have been working.



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Easier Hourly Rate Calculation - 2012 
I had a few moments today to update the "Reasonable Rate Calculator."

Note that we kept the PHP version in there for those who do not have Java.



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