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Summer-Time Stark 
Now HERE are some great ideas - The NE555 chip is available at your local Radio Shack for $. -I get mine on eBay for as little as $0.15 each.

A handful of caps and resistors are muy barato, too.

--Great summer-time fun for your would-be Mr. or Ms. Stark ... for under $15.

Forget about the magnetic personality - Let the LED's wink as we walk by =)

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Social Security Abuse: A New Low! 


By now surely we all know that using the social security number (SSN) as a form of identification - as specified in the original social security act - is illegal.

Unlike the modern crop of career politicians, for obvious reasons our ancestors found the practice of allowing any government to number their citizens both irksome & immoral. Perhaps a partial explanation of this parity was that - rather than seeking jobs-for-life as overly-resourced representatives - a mere generation ago our lawmakers fully expected to become part of "we the people" once again, too?

Modern Trends

Indeed, modern attempts by liberal, clueless leaders have sought to require "we the people" to surrender our numbers upon-demand to everything from law-enforcement agencies to furniture rental stores.

Keeping such intolerable abuses of our retirement account identifiers in mind therefore, perhaps we should be thankful that identity theft has caused us all to be a lot more protective of our common governmental markings?

Yet I write this morning not to belabor the obvious and various outrages against your personal freedom. No: I write today to share yet another twist in the torrent of SSN outrages, as presently being perpetrated against United States Citizens everywhere.

A New Low

I was mentally heading-out the door to teach a 3 weeks worth of classes at Vanguard. After reading their identification requirements, I simply had to tell the world about them.

In a document entitled "Facilitator Instructions for Background Check" I was dumbfounded to read:

"1.Background Check

The instructor must complete and return the attached Vanguard Access Card and Vehicle Registration Form prior to the training event. We do not have electronic submission at this time. Please print the four page document and complete the following:

Validate the Name field in the "General Information" section on Page 1, updating if necessary to match the facilitator’s name as it appears on their government-issued ID (e.g., Social Security card for U.S. citizens, Social Insurance Number if Canadian or passport for non-U.S. citizens).

Complete the "Personal Information" sections at the bottom of Page 1 through the top of Page 2 and again at the bottom of Page 3 through the top of Page 4

NOTE: This section requires a Social Security number; Social Insurance Number if Canadian, non-U.S. citizens may use 999-99-9999."

The Point

It seems that, abuse of all abuses, that "We The People" now OFFICIALLY have FAR LESS PRIVACY AND SECURITY THAN THAT BEING OFFERED TO FOREIGN NATIONALS. Even a potential terrorist enjoys more freedom!

(Ironic, isn't it?)

Many of U.S have passports (if not active DoD security clearances, too!) -Rather than illegally FORCING us to FAX the independent security-trolls the very key to our financial future and mental well-being, why not let EITHER of those be enough... just as they are for any NON-US Citizen?

–Yea, yea, we know: If you GOT it, then why not ABUSE it?

Far too sad! Yet once again, it all looks like a clear case of shame on ... uh ... someone. -Will history record that the onus for letting our freedom slip away was upon U.S... or the lawyers, sycophants, & trolls? ;-)

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Learn how io Program with VB.NET 
The summer is upon us! -If you have kids who love to sit in-front of a computer playing games (or, "if you have boys?"), then I wanted to help you help our future GNP.

How to brighten your economic future? By simply taking a moment to discover a way to 'encourage' your kids to become software producers, rater than software consumers.

Best of all, from software development tools to summer-time programming lessons, learning how to write software is free.

For those already familiar with our free training seminar, then here is the next part of the training designed to teach the absolute beginner how to write software using Visual BASIC.NET (or "VB.NET".)

Happy Summer,


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