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Modern C/C++ Training 
With the rise of the robots and the IoT, has come a renewed interest in the raw, cross-platform power of Modern C/C++.

From the absolute fastest applications, to our operating systems themselves, there is a reason why even other programming languages are written in C/C++. Why use anything else?

Far from being a mere recital of 'how to c++' however, my C/C++ training offers students an ability to appreciate BOTH Modern C/C++, as well as the other 98% of the C/C++ code they will encounter in the professional world.

Submitted for community use therefore, I want everyone in our community to be able to enjoy the 1000, 2000, and 3000 series as their time and interest may permit.

Coupon: GNU C/C++ 1000 (click here)
Coupon: GNU C/C++ 2000 (click here)
Coupon: GNU C/C++ 3000 (click here)

Please see the introductory videos for more information.

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PyDAO: Turn CSV files into Databases & Python Code 
It's meetup time again!

In order to help our students make a fortune on the stock market, we decided to create a tool to help convert those nightly NASDAQ exports into a database.

Come to that, our new PyDAO project will convert ANY CSV (or other be-headed text-delimited file) into an SQLite Database, as well.

Click on the "Related Link" (below) to get started.

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Python 2100: Objects, Factories, & Frameworks 
Today we proudly release our latest training offering.

Designed for ADVANCED 'Python'eers, in Python 2100 we will discover how to use @staticmethod, @classmethod, getattr(), hasattr() as well as object factories, and "abstract" signature classes.

In addition to advanced framework & object management patterns, this one (1) hour training opportunity will also cover multi-object initialization as well as modern framework testing & maintenance strategies.

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