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UMM02: Sharing Ideas on Project Planning & Management  
Here is the second and closing session (after UMM01.) This final session includes discussions around high, medium, and low-level best software design and project definition / team building practices. -Ideas leading to an introductory review of the most commonly used UML Diagram types.

While I do indeed plan to make some changes, for the moment you can view the video on YouTube.

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Bench Mark One: UML Primer, Project & Video 
Our quest to put together a cross-platform CPU Benchmark tool in Java resulted in several educational opportunities to share.

The project leverages Whetstone, with Linpack a near possibility. I used it to compare JVM, VM, browser & operating system performance.

The project is here.

The UML Primer & Video is here.

We can play with the final result (Java Applet) here.

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Sharing Ideas on Project Planning & Management 
This is the first part of an overview of modern software development practices.

Technology neutral, this first segment is designed as a review for project leaders. This opening segment includes optional discussions on the need for mission statements, problem assessments, gap analysis, risk assessment, configuration management / planning, and requirement maintenance. --Topics traditionally left undocumented, unmanaged, and under-appreciated (!) in the current crop of project management mantra.

Here is part one.

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