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JAVA: We Can't All Just Get Along? Hooray! 

Simple Enough?

It is difficult to understand why companies like Google and Microsoft trampled upon the Java standard. Indeed, while the rush is on to provide "rich media" on the Internet, if Microsoft would have kept their promise to Sun, Applets would have evolved into Silverlight long ago. (Indeed, Microsoft's original JVM was the fastest implementation of the standard - even to date. You can prove it!)

Looking forward, the same trampling can be seen by Google: From the CLDC to Swing, why the heck adopt only partial support for a cross-platform standard? Not enough resources to do it right? (We must think NOT :)


As an avid Android, Windows, & {UNIX Linux Carbon} Developer myself, I note how one should have easily been able to support the existing JSRs & other standards - just like other companies have done. Why alienate millions of existing GUI apps by rolling your own UI?

Attention early adopters: PhoneGap, anyone?

Yet Blackberry's sins are much the same as Google's; In the just-like-Microsoft realm, even Apple embraced, then abandoned Java as a preferred way to-go: (Now the preferred way is Objective C? (OMG - yet another re-write!)) Must so many companies feel no need to participate en-community? Are so many corporations so narrow-minded so as to only connive so as to vendor lock the developer? -The answer seems obvious. (Aside from IBM: Shame on ALL of you!)

Driver's Seat

When it comes to helping others create portable, cross platform solutions, can't some company please remember those of us who crave to support as many platforms as possible? That is what Java is supposed to be about, folks!

In short - all corporate greed and skulduggery aside - can't we all just get along? Again, aside from IBM, obviously not!

What Goes Around ...

But now the shoe is on the other foot: Without any type of embarrassment or remorse at-all, Oracle openly admits that their company purchased Sun so as to allow their lawyer to go lawsuit crazy.

Will corporate greed spell the end of Java?

IMO, it already has! Speaking purely as a software guy however, we must all rejoice: Rather than working together to make a technology like Java better and better, those exact same companies & users (alike!) will now FOREVER have to pay us to EVER CONTINUE do the same things .... over ... and over ... again!

In short, corporate greed ensures disruptive technologies will increase. --Rather than enjoying the obvious economies of standardization, never-ending industry disruptions always spell more - and ever higher-paying (!) - opportunities.

A Bi-Polar Conclusion?

So en fine, we all may rightly feel a degree of national disgrace & sadness as we watch the bones of Camelot being picked and pillaged by random bands of dirt-faced corporate visigoths. -Yet even while the dark-ages fall all around us, certainly there is good news for the competent free-lance. -Indeed, for those of us with the ability, the inspiration, and the stamina (*) - to keep-up with it-all, rich pickings now seemingly stretch forever throughout the petty kingdoms across the horizon!

So here's to a heart-felt, egalitarian, boo-hoo... and then to an evil, decidedly selfish, hip, hip, Hooray! =)

(From chasing ambulances & driving up heath-care / insurance prices, to ripping apart families as eagerly as they do our open standards, can't you just HEAR those lawyers chuckling the same thing? Yet sadly, lawyers create nothing - the profession simply polarizes people as it extorts & re-arranges ill-gotten wealth. So unlike we hard-working software developers, there is no GNP boosting activity taking place in that courtroom!)

(*) I was writing BASIC & COBOL in 1978 - I am into SOA & Android now - Y Tu, Mr. Gates?

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Virtual Box Broken 
For everyone who follows this blog (you both know who your are =-P) we just discovered that Oracle's Virtual Box (was 4.1.10 this morning - is now 4.1.12 as I write this - we can all surely relate to that type of effort!) is broken. It seems that the shipping version is no longer able to import a virtual appliance.

I noticed the problem today under Ubuntu 64 - 10.04 LTS. Have not tried elsewhere yet.

For those who share the woe, just:

sudo apt-get remove virtualbox*

-Then reinstall your last working version. (For me, that version was 4.1.8 r75467, aka "virtualbox-4.1_4.1.8-75467~Ubuntu~lucid_amd64.deb".)

---Sharing is caring,


(p.s. From what I can tell, there is a problem in the decompression, as well as the CRC settling, library routines. Upon terse review, it looks like the OVA importation installation seems to hiccup when switching between artifact types. (Check those deltas - we probably just need to 'memset something back to zero, guys?))

.02 ends

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UML Primer Updated 
Just a quick note to let everyone know that I just updated the UML Primer on YouTube. I wanted to increase the volume so as to re-use the video in a class we are teaching next week for the U.S. Army.

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