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Clone File Dates & Times 
I would be willing to wager that anyone who copies files on Linux has been stung by this one: After copying your files from one place, to another, you notice that the file dates & time have been changed?

While there are many ways to deal with the problem, few I have seen allow us to create a snapshot of the "good" file data (mtime) so as to apply them over several other copies... especially when we have thousands of files, scattered about different (let alone, multiple!) cloned-tree locations?

Submitted for your enjoyment therefore, we felt the need to share our '' strategy with you.

All we need do is to (1) create a snapshot of the good-tree, then (2) apply those dates over the destination tree. Upon (2), the script will replace the source, with the destination folder-location & then apply the snapshot source file's date & time to the destination file.

By way of a bonus, any (1) can be used over many (2)s.

Source Code:

Students who are interested in learning how to work with file information in Python 3 on Windows, Linux, macOS and elsewhere will also enjoy our Python 3000 training opportunity.

Note: For our purposes, we wanted the mtime of the source, to become the mtime + atime on the destination. --Your mileage might vary?

Google Fodder: touch recursive delta fix stat apply recover recovery

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PyDAO's NEW Graphical User Interface 
The Soft9000/PyDAO ("PyDAO") project now allows us to quickly create a Python Class from either a GUI, API, textual (CSV, TDF, Enpiped, etc.) data file, or using a Python Dictionary.

Workflows include (1) creating stand-alone PyDAO projects, (2) extracting PyDAO projects from textual (CSV, etc.) data files, (3) creating database code from PyDAO projects, and (4) directly creating code from textual data files. Result output-locations can also be specified.

The generated code can be used to create / drop database schema (DDL,) as well as to import & work with (C.R.U.D & query) your designed / detected / updated projects.


Project Video:

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REALLY easy data entry for Python... 
Had to share this one: Create a field-name dictionary, show the window, then enumerate-out the results.

Code: To see the code on GitHub, click here

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