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The Purpose of Government 
"At the end of any argument with anarchy is the irrefutable truth that the sole justification for any good government is to protect it's citizens from those who would ignore their democratically enacted laws so as to improve themselves illegally."

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Another 5-Star Review 
Forgive me for sharing a review, but I only now read a very interesting experience for yet another reader of "An Interview":

"I am so glad I chose to read this book as I wanted to read something with spiritual meaning as was lacking faith in myself and I wanted to assess my life. This book answered all my questions and doubts. I read it within two days as I just couldn't put it down. After reading this book a felt uplifted and enlightening. I definitely have been embraced by the light and feel I will be able to build better relationships with people. My faith has been restored and most importantly to me I learned the difference between salvation and exaltation. I am so glad I came across my book it had so much meaning and I learned so much and about myself too." (Note: I corrected some spelling = Not everyone is using Firefox!)

If you are like me, then perhaps you appreciate reviews from "Amazon Verified Purchasers" the most?

Here is one like the above - from a reviewer of the original manuscript - when I was doubting if a professional consultant should even publish such a book:

"I am on page 56 of your manuscript - I can hardly bear to put it down and go to bed! It is an incredible gift that you have given me to read this account. I believe that it will go on to be one of our times' great literary works. You will be judged if you do not publish it.

God bless you.

Available on Kindle.

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Man -v- Pig 
Whenever something is slow, unwieldy & wallowing in muck, colloquial English has reserved an animal cat-call for us to use... Never as responsive as stand-alone Map Reduce (well, in production at least!) such is obviously the legacy for Hadoop Pig.

Yet while Pig is indeed getting faster with each and every release (Gotta love C/C++), sometimes piggy-job slowdowns can get downright scary. Indeed, those who use HUE and / or the Hortonworks VM via the Pig-Page will feel that we have encountered a new performance-low.

Not to worry though - When working from the VM Command line, those 26 & 48 second 3-line pig-scripts will get back to running in well under 2 - 3 seconds. (Really!)

The way is easy: Simply log-into your VM via the console prompt so as to execute Pig directly:
pig -x local

Of course, once running Pig, the massive amount of information and warning messages can also seem positively ludicrous.

Here again, in the Man -over -Pig struggle at Hadoop Acres, a local configuration file is all that we need:

Useful for both R&D as well impromptu Production spelunking, here be the content for log4j.prop:

The cut-and-paste fodder for starting up our quiet-pig pen is simply:
pig -x local -4 log4j.prop

You will still be able to get those all-important errors:

Finally, simply leave-off that -4 clause when you want all of that glorious detail back again.

Enjoy the Journey!


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