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HTTP Forma As-a Service Transfer (F.A.S.T) 
When creating a new web presence, as a set of architectural guidelines using JSON and REST is a good way to go.

However, sometimes we need to manage data on the Internet in such a way as to automate existing HTTP Forms.


Such was the case when I created "The Wiki Recipe Club." Like you, I am often working as "an army of one." When time and costs are so limited, we need to transfer data as quickly & efficiently as possible. -In my case, I simply wanted to pump 180,000+ recipes into an Open Source WIKI using HTTP Forms.

Because classic web forms only need a GET or a POST, I created EasyHTTP.

Followers of this blog might recall that EasyHTTP is the reference implementation of our "Business / Enterprise State Transfer" (B.E.S.T) architectural guideline. Curiously however, a few years back that framework - along with half of my other projects - mysteriously disappeared from Sourceforge.

New Moniker for Old Services

While restoring the content of EasyHTTP to Sourceforge today, I realized - in today's Web 2+ world - that the classic HTTP way of creating, reading, updating, or deleting data from our web sites should have it's own "service oriented" moniker.

Indeed, in as much as forms-encoded data smells allot like JSON, that Web 1.0 way of moving data back-and-forth between those classic, HTTP-centric, web-based set of maintenance operations could also be referred to as "Forms As-a Service Transfer," or F.A.S.T.

Enjoy the journey!


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