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Scalable Vector Graphics in HTML5 
Surely another interesting addition to the modern web is the HTML5 standard's ability to encode Scalable Vector Graphics.


While new to many, the idea of using vectors rather than concepts such as hints & twips (not that TTF technology is not amazing!) dates back even farther than the creation of the Windows Metafile Format (WMF.) --For those interested in the Google, one will discover that the definitive set of stroke-based images typically boils down to a discussion of the plotter-based fonts created by one Dr. A. V. Hershey.

Sadly, at the time of this writing even Wikipedia offers no more than a mere 2 sentences on the Hershey Fonts topic!

For this author however, 30 odd years ago Dr. Hershey's Fonts represented the first truly inspiring collection of vector-based graphical images. -Created at the US Naval Weapons Laboratory in the late 1960s, far from now discussed as being antediluvian, once converted to SVG for HTML5 usage Hershey's pen-up / pen-down images once again seem positively avant-garde.

New Hershey Font Project

Calling each new image a "Glyph" (there are over 2000), the past two Sundays witnessed the creation of yet another project.

Published today, feel free to review our rough-and-ready (decidedly pre-alpha) new project on Sourceforge to add a little 'Hershey to your graphical Programmed and / or HTML efforts.

(*) If you would like to review the font conversion, then interested parties can overlay each new SVC glyph in their native HTML5 / CSS rendition at my Hershey Showcase:

Hershey Showcase

Note that the markup under review can be downloaded from the Sourceforge Project. A modern browser will be required to view this new encoding.

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