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Time Sheets? About Time! 
How do you spend your holidays?

Yea, well ... we awoke way too early this Monday-holiday morning inspired to share our latest secret weapon with our friends.

Known as "AboutTime", fans of EzLog have been asking about what we were going to do with the pre-reserved moniker on SourceForge for almost a year now.

Yes, AboutTime looks like EzLog, but the mission of AboutTime is to support weekly Time & Accounting Management. Rather than managing technical logs & team collaboration via huge log files, AboutTime files are smaller. Most people feel the need to create a new activity file every other week or so.

Why weekly time logging files? -Because smaller files are better for time support management activities. Certainly for the weekly status report.

So let the AboutTime Project officially begin with time-card ((ahem) yes, I am that old) support... There are LOTS of collaborative accounting activities coming to AboutTime during a holiday near you!

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