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Sunday Learning: GWT 
I don't know about you, but making a week more enjoyable often involves deliberately adding a special day.

For us, we like to be sure to have one day set aside for discovering and / or mastering new ideas.

In as much as a lot of things often need to get done on Saturday, in a like manner, just as many distractions ever seem to disappear the day after.

So by way of celebrating the practice & mastery of cool concepts, today our thoughts returned to Google's GWT.


By allowing us to "compile" Java into browser-specialized code, GWT can help us maintain tedious labyrinths of JavaScript with object-oriented ease. -Clearly a revolutionary concept in browser-support history, perhaps some day someone will allow us to do the same with PHP?

Historical Pattern

Of course, the pattern of front-ending a nasty set of code with a more manageable set of object, after all, is well known.

Indeed, from a historical prospective, one cannot help but to recollect a little tool called CFRONT.

For us early adapters (pun, pun) of OO for C, CFRONT was used to mitigate between C++ and C. Surely some day 'tech historians will agree that CFRONT brought the object-oriented revolution (let alone the GWT object-to-procedural-code management process?) to the "sunday-learning" masses.

Managing The 'Web

Yet regardless of how one might feel about Object Orientation in general (or Java in particular?), over time everyone agrees that maintaining a rich, browser-aware web presence in PHP - let alone JavaScript - quickly becomes a nightmare.

(How much of a nightmare, you might ask? Well, a few years back I was offered a salary of $250,000 / year to maintain an extensive PHP / JavaScript web-site-n-service 'farm.' Even with their local office, I would be allowed to work pretty much from home. The ideal job? Yet even at 1/4 million dollars a year, they were having trouble finding anyone who wanted to do it... I turned them down, too.)

If you what to learn a little more about how to 'web-in' the GWT, then many find this discussion to be of great interest.

If you already use eclipse + the GWT plug-in, then by way of introduction to what many feel is a great way to save us all from waking, work-place horrors, feel free to click the related link, below.

Note that a supporting command-line tooling for GWT is also available. Note also that debugging requires a browser add-in (I used FireFox on Ubuntu. From AJAX to RPC via XDR: With a single click, the 2.5 release all finally worked great ... the very first time it ran! (i.e. getting it-all to run took some engineering with the previous releases.))

(p.s. The creepy little chesire cat was not included. That was just me 'Gimp-ing around.)



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