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Staples Asks: How do you create professional videos for your small business? 
When it comes to using software products to create videos, I have used everything from YouCam, Camtasia, Camtasia Studio, Audacity, GIMP, as well as software that I have personally written in Java, Python, as well as C/C++.

At the moment, my final tool-chain uses one of several screen capture tools for screen-casts (lots of options there!) followed by Adobe Elements 11 + Audacity for the best quality voice-overs & final touches.

From a hardware point of view, I have migrated away from a Mac to use a maxed-out i7 running Windows, with the "Cowboy Studio" doing my at-home, in-house green screens.

Here is an example of a recent end result for Testing Success.

I agree - like the others in the thread - that having a top-notch microphone is the best place to invest! By way of an example, note how my free "VB.NET" training has suffered from audio quality problems. While the best solution would be to simply redo the training, recently I have re-discovered how Audacity will allow me to automatically clean-up these many hours of instruction. Since better-paying work is obviously completed before free, I usually find time to update such things over those multi-day holidays.

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