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SOA Meltdown 
Hariharan asks: "Can SOA predict slowdown?"

Response: Most can predict a slowdown for large companies who use SOA. Indeed, using the modern definition of an XML based service, SOA itself is inheritantly fat, chatty, and slow. Using a more broad definition (i.e. octet-optimized services), when you hit that XML parsing wall you can chuck that XML SOA noob mess and architect-in something a lot more customized, efficient, and - alas, closed. In XML terms, it is defined as favoring CDATA over PCDATA.

Indeed, until some motion is detected in the realm of ESXML, the best you can hope for when your XML based SOA inevitably becomes sluggish is to either chuck more hardware at the problem, or begin to design for a more customized, secure, and - unfortunately arcane - set of packet-level efficiencies.

Still, big companies do indeed need XML based SOA to help bring some order to the stove-pipe, duct tape, bailing-wire, file and protocol integration mess that we often see today. But be aware that the trade off between pumping metadata along with each and every packet, as opposed to assuming some form of implicitly strongly-typed packets, will still be the trade off for a very, very, long time.

Caveat Architect.

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