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Professional Idea for the Unemployed 
I like to keep in mind that at the heart of any employer / employment agreement is the concept of providing value. A good day's work, for a good days pay? Certainly, all "survivor" -style politics aside, the more we give / know, the more secure / geosynchronous we can be?

Indeed, by a far narrower definition, when one is "professional", then one "professes" - or "lives" - ones trade? By ever-looking for better tools, trends & new ways, pro-actively embracing change is of value to everyone. I have discovered that knowing what is going on in one's trade keeps one's services ever in-demand.

So, much like any doctor, lawyer, or other professional, the life of our nation's best professionals should not be defined what one does to make a living. Over time, one's professional life should be defined what we do after-hours?

Example: From rockets to web-sites, what people pay me to know is far too often things I first picked up via a healthy professional interest. --Indeed, while tinkering on the brains of an embedded system one morning, the hardware engineer & I once chuckled together (it was 1AM - those things happen :) over the fact that we were helping by-the-hour for something we would have gladly done for free.

While a rare occurrence, such shared wonderment is the spirit behind what I am talking about. -The more we profess something, the more we practice it. The more we practice it, the better we become. The better we become, the more value we are to others?

So the trick for the unemployed may just be to find out what is "hot" in their industry, go master it, then educate any would-be employer on why they need to hire you to do it?

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