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Managing LS_COLORS 
While it is nice to have a colorized console, the default colors of 'light blue on green' for executable directories is unable to be read by anyone in my native hemisphere:


For those whom might want to change these default colors, two approaches to getting back to basics are possible.

Can the Colors

The first option is to simply junk the colorization all-together.

On Ubuntu and elsewhere, we can return to the 1970's by simply changing the alias from '--color=auto' to '--color=never' in our session-starting ~/.bashrc file.

Mod the Colors

The next option is to simply modify the colors. In this case, the offensive color selection is managed by ow=. To change it, simply add
LS_COLORS=$LS_COLORS'ow=0;93:' ; export LS_COLORS
to the end of your ~/.bashrc file:

For more information, you might also wish to see if 'dircolors' is part of your 'distro:

export LS_COLORS

Other 'Distros

Better still, using `dircolors -p > .dir_colors` in our home directory SHOULD help allot (the omission was a performance decision), but did not help at-all on Ubuntu.

If it worked, then changing 'OTHER_WRITABLE 34;42' in the new .dir_colors would modify the color in question to something like 01;33 -- a setting that most homosapiens could read.

NOTE: As usual, please understand that one will have to exit any existing sessions so as to re-apply any .bahsrc changes.

Enjoy the journey,


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