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Linux: Fixing Cura Installation Mishaps 
If you are one of us who likes to install several things at a time using "sudo bash," then from time to time you might be tempted to run what you have installed as "root."

When upgrading to the most recent version of FreeCAD & Cura, I recently made such a mistake.

In as much as I was running as 'root' - and in as much as Cura decided on creating my ./usr/local files in my login-account's home folder, the problem was that I could not access the same when running under my default account.

When NOT running as 'root,' not only did I have to perpetually re-define my 3D printer defaults, but from time to time Cura itself would simply stop responding ("hang") whilst attempting to do so.

Ignoring the temptation to simply re-boot, I had no choice but to `ps -al`, then kill it.


Rather than removing & re-installing everything, the solution - obviously - was to simply change access to the Cura file set. For the uninitiated, we must note that changing permissions is merely a matter of using `chown` and `chgrp` on the above rooted-folder set.

Of course, one could also just blow it all away, then simply run Cura once again from your default account login:

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p.s: If you are looking for a PPA designed to allow us to use Cura under Ubuntu, then click here.

For a nice overview of how to install Cura on Ubuntu, you can click here.

Finally, in as much a links tend to come and go, here is my update to what the above link tells us to do:

sudo rm -rf ~/.config/cura/*
sudo rm -rf ~/.local/cura/*
rm -rf ~/.config/cura/*
rm -rf ~/.local/cura/*
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:thopiekar/cura
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install cura cura-plugins-all cura-extra-plugins-all

Note: When using your own login, using the 'sudo' command (as shown above) will keep us from accidentally running Cura - or anything else - as 'root.'

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