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How do you work with people who are against change? 
Linked-in Asks: "How do you work with people who are against change?"

My Response: "Much as mentioned elsewhere, in my experience far too many people resist change simply because they have not been involved in the process. Also, another best way to turn a negative stakeholder into a positive one is allow them to simply do us a favor. (I use that one allot when doing higher-dollar consulting: Savvy consultants invariably have a very real Maye-West ("kindness of strangers") -type of new-kid-advantage. Consultants are also are disposable - we do not threaten any jobs.)

Ultimately, we all loath unnecessary and / or arbitrary changes. In the final analysis change justification, clear reasoning, sincerity, & humility are typically the keys required to making the process of fostering genuine change-advocacy work; Rational people also need to understand the benefits of change, as well as to be permitted to have their concerns (either genuine, or not so much) resolved.

Freedom of speech, after all, is what makes any modern culture worth living in."

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