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Hacking My Brother 

Little Net

Like your house, ours has a WIFI backbone. There are hands (sensors), mouths (computers), and nifty things everyone would like to use (printers, scanners, flux-capacitors, etc.)

Heck, even the new thermostats have a browser interface ever-crying for your registration & email addresses.

Imagine: Getting spammed by ... your house?

Surely someday soon!


When it came to sharing a wireless printer, getting a device like the MFC-J435W working on Windows is usually pretty easy.

Things can get a 'tad more complicated on Linux.

When it came time for me to use the wireless MFCJ435W from Ubuntu, all I had to do was to use the Brother Install Tool.

After installing the same, note that the browser-interface into CUPS printing 'Nerdvanna on Linux is most often found on port 631.

Hack Attack

When we purchased the MFCJ435W a few years back, the device was on sale. Sadly, since day one the piglet has had a problem with the infamous "Close Ink Cover!" message. -Surely the defect was the primary reason why I was able to get a $350.oo printer for a mere $50 at Walmart? (i.e. Caveat Cheapskate!)

The problem is that nothing will print when the ink-cover sensor is open.

Unfortunately, lately that open-door problem became rather chronic. Since my google-effort indicated that lots of printers have similar problems, I decided to dissect the locus so as to be be able to demonstratively show everyone what the problem was. -Such a "sensory-gap" just might be the problem on a similar printer.

Despite the pictures I do not suggest that you chop your printer open. Not only can covers be removed, but once you know that it is a 45 degree angle that needs to be toggled, one should be able to get by with simply gluing and / or taping a "little something" to the door's own, complementary, 45-degree angle-when-closed.

In the above case, gluing a small snippet of plastic or a clipping from a match stick to the door's strut (below) should do the job just fine.

In fact, if you have been able to manually solve the problem simply by pressing upon the closed ink-panel door itself, then adding the mere height of a plastic piece of electrical tape (or two!) will usually keep one from pulling out the glue.

Sharing is Caring,


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