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FreeCAD: LED-Hacking an STL Figgurine 
The team & I had some fun over the weekend adding a coin-cell LED to a 3D model:

The challenge involved reverse engineering an STL so as to experiment with soft-drilling hex-holes, as well as using clear filaments.

The process was to import the STL, then rendering as a "mesh", so as to convert it to a "shape", then a "solid" in "Part" mode (phew!)

Fortunately, there is a plethora of information on how to do such things using FreeCAD.

(Yea - Testing GUI's is easy, by comparison =)

Then, of course, we had to "map" a "sketch" to the solid in "Part Design" mode so as to start soft-drilling the thing to accept a standard sized CR2032 coin cell battery, plus either a 5 or 6mm LED.

The neat discovery de-jure was centered around how using faceted drill holes scatter light far more brilliantly (pun intended) than simply drilling things out.

So if you have a 3D printer, then feel free to give our "Mr. Moai" remix a try. For best results:

(1) Rotate & print on the base. (No supports required!)
(2) Use 0% infill.
(3) Set your wall size to 4x your nozzle size. (e.g. Our 0.4mm nozzle meant that we used a 1.6mm wall size.)

--You could even have them print one up for you!



p.s: A few days later, we remixed another - this time with a video to show off the internal wire frame.

Unlike the above, this one allows several Moai to be wired together in a series.

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