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EzLog4J Updated - About Time Started 
One of the nice things about owning our own time is that, in-between bill-paying activities, one has the ability to make cool things for others to use.

For me, I am finding that the more busy I am, the more I need EzLog:

You can download the latest version from here.

What's New

Note that a version of EzLog4J is morphing into a tool called "About Time." Before I split the product officially, I am making (mostly graphical) changes that both products will benefit from.

Going forward, in the future:

EzLog will be more about documenting what we work on every day. Best for Employees & Consultants.

About Time will be more about tracking the progression of multiple, overlapping, tasks. Better for Managers & Scientists.

So the new upload today is a toast raised to our busy-times ... as well as to those precious moments that we all have to create & share things with others.



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