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Cognetic Word Lists 

The Problem

They annoy everyone - people who think they are smart by putting a few words together, then handing out a do-noting web site to sell the combination. Doh!

Cyber Nuts

No matter if they are grabbing your ideal name before you think of it (cyber squatting), or after you release it (cyber poaching), the one thing these nut cases have in common is that they have absolutely no intention of actually doing anything with the URL. Indeed, many are merely squatting on the name, hoping to sell it back to us at some point in time.

--Personally, I hope they hang onto those names forever ...!

Cognetic Word

In as much as so many of my friends and I have lots of neat products and web sites we want to share, we thought it high time to release a little tool I wrote years ago. I used it to help put together many of the web and other names you might have seen used here.

Cognetic Words

For the moment we decided to host the "Cognetic Words Project" at The official description reads:

"This tool allows us to mix phrase lists together. The results can be used to create memorable web site names using 'Cognetic Word Lists' -Sniglets designed to defeat the name-hijacking of URL squatters, hackers, & other menaces to on-line innovation."

Like many a NOJ these days, this tool uses Java. Will work anywhere... even in your browser.



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