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Carpe Vous! 
"He only earns his freedom and his life
Who takes them every day by storm."

---Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, from Faust.

This quote contrasts an innocent practice many find a bit curious. Rather than telling our friends to 'take it easy' as we depart, why not offer up something like the Latin phrase "carpe diem!" Popularly interpreted as "seize the day", would not that be a far, far better sentiment to wish for those we like?

Indeed, if truth be told, each of us has just as many hours in the day as anyone else. -Even as many hours as those who we consider to be our heroes.

One thought that I cannot help but to chuckle over these days is just how much LESS someone like Leonardo da Vinci would have been able to accomplish if he had television in his time?

So I concede that if we want to move ahead in the world then perhaps each of us needs to revisit how we choose to spend, or waste, our time.

To put the spirit of the above idea a lot better, someone once told me that 'we cannot kill time, without injuring eternity.' Still another recently reminded me that 'any woman or man who takes but a single step forward each and every day will, after the course of a lifetime, be miles ahead of anyone who is standing still.'

Finally, here is one of my favorite quotes on a related subject. When once moved by an annoying bit of professional jealousy, a companion reminded me that 'When we see a man or a woman standing on a hill, we can be sure that they didn't fall there.'

So seize the day!

R.A. Nagy

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