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Bye, Bye - Facebook! 
Some things are just plain 'ol wrong. -Like betraying your national values; selling out to the opposition; giving in to the pressure from hypocrites. In-denial lunatics & fanatics who have become ever worse than their oppressors - both real and imaginary - from days gone-by.

You know who I am talking about - those who can only keep in power by focusing upon the past-wrongs by the few, rather than modern-rights by the many?


We are talking about mean-hearted sociopaths. Unbalanced, self-serving hypocrites who do not want - for example - to discuss things like the new racism ACROSS THE PLANET in such places as South Africa?

Gifting away special employment-privileges based upon anything besides one's genuine ability to actual do the job? The new Apartheid?

Entire nations where even once-benefactors are legally & lawfully made to suffer - simply because of their fair-skin color?

I thought we agreed that racism is just plain wrong?


The media knows about it - but 'the establishment' refuses to take responsibility for the mess that THEY created... stirring up controversies, just to increase circulation - sell their wares - win an election?

All seeking to prey upon our emotions - manipulate us - without presenting both sides of the story!

Here is what comes next: Once people discover that they are being 'played', they stop caring. They stop believing. -We are seeing just the beginning of that now.

Once trust is gone, people simply turn-you-off: "The boy who called wolf." We all knew how THAT worked ... once upon a time ... ?

Marvelous Hypocrisies

Of course, we are talking about those who ALSO came to power under the suffrage of a very Americanized citizenry. Conservatives who championed the causes of others by tolerating their rights. Freedom of thought, speech, and expression. Benefactors to those EXACT same who NOW deny their very 'tolerants of those EXACT same freedoms?!

Enough is enough. Those of us who remain ever-inspired enough so as to create & share technologies are quite capable of managing our own web pages, thanks. We need not speak - or not - based upon the greed of those who seem to have gained it all - but need drugs in order to have a good nights sleep.

More Forbidden Topics

Come to that - two (2) people apply for the same job. Both are equally qualified, yet one has a family to provide for. In what reality should the one with superior needs, not be given superior consideration?

We should also note in the United States how deep that swamp became - rampantly & completely out of control - when taxation became no longer voluntary?

For the first time in history, dysfunctionals actually protesting when taxes were being cut? WE THE PEOPLE laws were once again being enforced?


Such is the inherit problem within all hand-outs, friends: A general rule, far too many people will do just about anything to avoid working. Making a life for themselves?

Indeed: One cannot help to marvel over how quickly one generation's safety net, will be turned into the NEXT generation's ... hammock?

In a like manner, we must also note how high that "poverty line" creeps every year. Far from not having food & shoes, one now must have cell phones, college educations, and make over $48,000 a year... No family required.


Saving the best for last, once the freedom to think & speak have been effectively banned the more you tolerate, the more you get?

The net result - after all - of shielding a fool from the CONSEQUENCES of their folly, is to fill the world ... with fools?

If they are complaining now - imagine what happens when the doles go away - like they did in Soviet Union, 'comrade?


Marvel how forbidding citizens to speak about such topics means that society shall never improve... Yet - and as Kennedy noted - if we do not make peaceful change possible, then we make violent change inevitable?

So bye, bye 'farcebook - when your life flashes before your eyes - as it must for those intolerant lunatics as well - remember those who sacrificed it all for your freedom - for which your were not even willing to risk a paltry few ad-millions, from your billion-dollar empires, to STAND UP FOR TOLERATION - do the right thing?


Which one - if any - will survive the onslaught of the modern, self-made, savage?

(i.e. Move over 'zHampsterdances. 'Make some room, 'zMyspaces - From Facebook to YouTube, here's to hoping that there be a few new bits, a 'heading for that lol-remember-when, empty-hearted bucket, in-the-cloud?)

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