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Banman: An easy way to protect web content 
We just release a new project. Know as "Banman", the project is designed to stop robots from stealing web content.

Uploading the content of the zip file + renaming index_example.php to index.php will create a complete web site experience.

By default (*), logs are stored under the "ban_ip_list" folder. If logging does not seem to work & reports are not showing-up, then be sure to enable write-and-read access to whatever you change the banned.php::$dir_only_ip variable to.

(*) Since Banman is new, for the moment it would be relatively safe to use the default file & folder names. By all means run it a few times using the defaults.

After you decide to use the program, at a minimum consider changing both the name of the sub-folders, as well as the name the "banman.php" webmaster interface.

Also note that the variables listed in the default html view should also be changed. -While great for demonstrating what Banman can do, their values are set way too strict for most user-facing 'web applications.


R.A. Nagy

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