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An SQLite Database For Wikiquotes 
Once we have any significant collection of data, the next natural thing to do is obvious ...

So here is a link to it!

Please note that:

(1) The database file is for sqlite3. It is ~50MB.
(2) Of the original 5,225, there are 4,544 populated topics ("pages").
(3) Of the original 153,621, there are 146,545 size-filtered citations ("quotes"). I estimate that as much as 80% of them are completely fatuous?
(4) Newlines embedded in quotes are encoded as "<br>".
(5) Single quotes are encoded as "&#39;".
(6) To eliminate duplications, the quotes.ID is a 'Pythonic:
zlib.crc32(bytes(quote, "utf8"), 0)
(6) The `pages` table obviously relates to the `quotes` table via the `quotes.ID`.

sqlite> .schema
CREATE TABLE pages (ID integer primary key not null, page text, quote_id integer);
CREATE TABLE quotes (ID integer primary key not null, quote text);
sqlite> select count(*) from pages;
sqlite> select count(*) from quotes;
sqlite> select count(*) from (select distinct page from pages);

I share this database in the hopes that a genuine 'quotie will help the planet by selecting their favorite quotes from this locus ... and share them with others!

(... and you can bet your *blippy* that I will be doing the same!)

Sharing is caring,


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