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AboutTime: Maintenance Release 
-Just a quick note to let everyone know that we updated AboutTime.

Lots of minor updates - consider it a "maintenance release?"

The most notable change is in that export-file verbiage: We who are used to exporting our weekly status reports will be happy to note that the "start week" typo has finally been updated to ask us to select the "week ending."

What is it?

For those who have not heard about our free hourly-reporting tool, note that the mission of AboutTime is to allow the technically-inclined to blog and / or create status reports. While not required, lots of us 'geeks like the fact that we also have the option to do so using HTML.

Once any arbitrary list of stop / start logging entries have been created, we can quickly generate a weekly time card for all timed intervals:

While I could 'natter on over the features we have built-into into AboutTime, perhaps the best description about our little tool comes from the project page, itself:

"Having trouble remembering what you did last week? Do you need to create a status report? Surely consultants need to assure clients that they have been earning their pay.

It is amazing how many tasks one can do, yet omit: AboutTime allows us to create meaningful, task-based status reports.

AboutTime also supports troubleshooting & problem detection. By allowing us prioritize, filter, and share log entries, AboutTime can also support "tiger team" troublshooting operations.

No time to write things down? Relax: AboutTime also has a simple voice-note recording feature. Now we can keep track of what we saw and did, as well as when we first noticed. All real-time data-captured for thoughtful review / annotation later-on.

After awhile, using AboutTime encourages us to do more each day, By encouraging us to do more, AboutTime also allows us to become allot more productive. Over time, most discover that using AboutTime will help us stand head-and-shoulders above the competition."

Enjoy the journey,


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