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AboutTime Updated 
Holidays are time for family, friends, ... and posting the latest features to your freeware!

Graphical Changes

This long-weekend witnessed the share of a few of my favorite recent additions to AboutTime:

(1) First, note that time-card calculations are now expressed as pure hours. --No more "24 * n" machinations:

(2) Next, HTML Reports have been updated. Reports are now generated by week:

While HTML reporting is now a-week-at-a-time, comma-separated variables remain our primary backup & data-sharing mechanism. In as much as limited backups invariably produce some unpleasant surprises, a CSV export still exports everything.

(3) Much like the weekly-HTML Reporting, the time-card entries are also now constrained by a default weekly-view:

The new effect of this "weekly window" is that our time-card summaries can be browsed. -This new "Next / Last" week-view allows both an easier perusal of the tasked "charge code" hours, as well as those linearly-logged "stop / start" summary hours.

(4) Finally - on a whim - yesterday I added a neat little minimalist-calendar feature:

Keeping with the monochromatic background theme, we thought that another splash of high-art might help get our day started off right.

Focus Change

The net effect of the above changes is that - as of this week - AboutTime is more of a time & task reporting database, than a weekly log-file & time-management tool.



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