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Installing PIP3 on Ubuntu Server 16.04 
p.s: After setting-up LAMP-py, if you need other modules:
curl "" -o ""
python3 --user

Be sure to 'curl that 'get using the https - Using plain-ol http no longer works.

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Hey Amazon - Where's the RESET button? 
It is probably entirely my fault - yet it still happened.

Re-directing 'web site A-records - creating permissions - zones - VPCs.

Was all working great, then BOOM. Health checks pass, but public IP addresses cannot be reached. -Even when all ports have been enabled? IP CDRs matching on the inside, and well as the 'out?

That was last weekend.

This weekend, the last straw came when I created a new VPC - and my default VPC automatically disappeared.

Yikes - I must have done something wrong ... and though I delete it all - painstakingly re-doing it all from scratch - the guts remain ever-yet messed-up.

I suppose that is a complement really - when it comes to pushing the limits of what is supposed to be a tech-savvy, robust, billion-dollar cloud offering - whose your 'dadday? (*)

p.s. FWIW, our "quick fix" AWS solution was to delete my company account ... faceless fortunes a'willing, we might be 'ale to start it over again - in a month or so?

(*) UPDATE: Far from being intended as a pun - went to to set up a 'server. Got it installed, updated, + HTTPD, and Python 3.6 (3.7 decidedly a no-go) in less than an hour. All that with totally cool, my-fellow-American, web-savvy technical support from a gal who was not afraid to research & recommend the very best solution for our long-standing account.

'Roger that.

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Helicopter Attack 
It was Pope Innocent the 3rd who first noted that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Whilst we can be confident that he was not talking about the Internet at the time (he lived in the 18th century ;), for the record I just wanted to let those whom might find that their site is being hijacked know about the quick fix.

Not Found

The requested URL /dom_s9k/helicopter-attack.php was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
Apache Server at Port 80

Hacked as it was by obvious & rank noobs (i.e. they were unable to do anything else to my server and their date + time stamp allowed me to pinpoint their IP Address), by way of a mindless diversion this day I noted that Google Analytics had been telling me that allot of my pages were presently being 404'ed.

After looking at my .htaccess, I noted that the date was no where near when I had last messed with it's content. Indeed, since I had recently deleted the same for similar demonstrative reasons, I decided to blow the silly thing away, then re-add a new, access-constrained, .htaccess file in it's stead.

(original quote was in Latin - might have gotten it wrong ;)

So for the 'butinski who thought that it was being smart, please allow me to thank you for the opportunity to add yet another helpful blog entry to my site. Providing us with such fatuous & puerile diversions from time to time not only helps keep the day a little more interesting, but also allows us to make the Internet a better place for everyone else.



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