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Sourceforge Project Meltdown - Stay Tuned! 
With the stroke of what we can only assume must be an ignorant or arrogant pen, all of the "old format" projects on have be destroyed.

What was Lost

In short, as of this very week gone forever are most of our classic programs, project files, project descriptions, project meta-data, trove categorizations, icons, screen-shots, download statistics, service URLs, bug reports, feature requests, web site pages, blogged notes, and many other precious project resources. Artifacts which - in the hands of an egalitarian or even remotely sympathetic and / or knowledgeable western software developer, could have readily been converted... or at least preserved!

But we must suppose that it was simply easier to just chuck us all out - stomp on the millions of hours invested by others - than to simply go that extra mile... (We didn't even get an email to warn us that the loss was coming!)

Recommendation: If you are using SourceForge.NET, our official recommendation is to abandon them. Ignoring the fact that their site has become ever-increasingly buggy, SF has been ever-outsourcing their work to foreign nationals for quite some time now.

The Recovery

So while we recover from these most recent random acts of senseless disrespect by the SourceForge.NET Team, we will be updating this page with the new project location for our community projects.

(p.s. Over 18 project have been impacted - it could take us some time to recover, and I do indeed wish to do something else over the holiday than spend my time recovering from yet another 3rd-world behind-your-back attitude, cultural inversion, & capability meltdown!)

The Plan

When down-loadable content is recovered, the following message will appear:

" ## ####### ### # ####### ##
# # # # # #
# # # # # #
# # # # # #
# # # # # #
# # # # # #
## # ### ####### # ##

For reasons best known to smaller purposes, 18
of our 30+ classic projects suddenly disappeared.

We are slowly recovering over the holiday season.
The plan was to first (1) quickly recover the endpoints.
Those project locations have been recovered.

The next step is to (2) upload the files.

If you are reading this message, then the files for THIS
project have been recovered, as well. (Other projects
soon to follow!)

After the upload comes (3, 4, 5, ...) the agonizing
and tedious re-creation of all of that 'sales stuff (screen
shots, icons, project descriptions, links, support &
categorization meta data, etc, etc...)

Here is where we will keep track of this rueful - and
otherwise excruciatingly annoying - undertaking: ... 130-034735

Happy Holidays - Whatever yours may be ;-)

Randall Nagy

| * What does "TILT" mean? |

This usage comes from playing classic pinball machines.
Whenever one was playing a great game, if the machine was
jostled (by oneself or a bystander,) a rocker switch would
trip a reset so as to display a "tilt" violation... then
stop the fun.

Yet - come to think of it - surely we are not tilted here.
--Not only will the same game pretty much continue, but the
best software developers are also always having fun ... :-)

Sharing is caring!


The Robot Report

Of course I have a stat-tracking robot. A little ditty I cobbled together that keeps track of my weekly stats.

The following is a list of the work in progress:


Project EasyHTTP - EasyHTTP is the reference implementation of our "Business Enterprise State Transfer" (B.E.S.T) architectural guideline.


Project IPCReader - IPC Reader is an easy-to-use way to exchange data between Java & non-Java applications, as well as operating-system commands.


Project BenchMarkOne - A performance measurement tool for Java.


Project Rate Calculator for Android - A Java incarnation of the Hourly Rate-Calculator. (Please note the new location & project for the apk.)

STATUS: Stage 02

Project Banman - A content-protection / robotic monitoring system for web sites.

STATUS: (Recovery not required)

Project Rate Calculator for Java/Swing - An incarnation of the Hourly Rate-Calculator for Swing. (Please note the new location & project for the apk.)

STATUS: Stage 02

Project ClassIO - A code-generator that will create a Java Class that can support both the reading and writing (I/O) of classic data formats. Support includes tag-centric XML, Tab-Delimited Format (TDF), and the Comma-Separated Value (CSV.)

A tidy little NoSQL Entity-persistence generator to leverage those flat-file ways of converting and / or otherwise moving data into / out-of our programs.

STATUS: Stage 02

Project The Classic Scriptures - Our original electronic book reader allows you to read, search, & bookmark your favourite quotes from the collected books found in an English version of The Classic Bible.


Project The Sierra Bible - Our original electronic book reader allows you to read, search, & bookmark your favourite quotes from the collected books found in an English version of The Classic Bible, as well as The Book of Mormon.


Project Web Ping - If you use an ISP for your web-hosting, you will discover that your 'ping' requests have been re-directed. By timing the response from an actual web-hosted URL, Web Ping allows us to document the *REAL* throughput to our Web Sites.

Data collected are down-loadable in a CSV Format. (See ClassIO or your favourite spreadsheet-program for an easy way to re-use these data.)


Project The Ping Thing - C/C++ Program to encapsulate the use of the `ping` utility under Microsoft Windows. This tool allows us to track and manage ping statistics under MS Windows, as well as the WINE Emulator under Linux / POSIX / OS X.

Lovingly crafted in Borland's C++Builder (VCL.)

STATUS: Stage 02

Project EzLog - For Java - A Java / Swing User Interface to support our classic C/C++ EzLog (.ezlog) API & console logging program.

STATUS: Stage 02

Project EzLog Console - The console interface to support our classic C/C++ EzLog (.ezlog) API & logging convention. -As used by the original Skype Telephonic & Video Tooling Interfaces.

STATUS: Stage 02


Waring: Project cogneticwords( isNull()
Waring: Project cromacode( isNull()
Waring: Project epop4win32(epop4win32/Version 1.3a/EPOP.exe) isNull()
Waring: Project ezinstall(EZINSTALL.EXE) isNull()
Waring: Project freport32(freport32/WIN32 Binary/FReport.exe) isNull()
Waring: Project hcal(HCAL/Version 3 - Plotting 12/HCAL3.exe) isNull()
Waring: Project say(SAY - Console App for WIN32/SAY.EXE - Version 1.0/say.exe) isNull()
Waring: Project say(SayTime - GUI Voice Clock/Version 1.0.2/STINST2.EXE) isNull()
Waring: Project texttool(texttool/WIN32 Binary/TextTool.exe) isNull()
Waring: Project recipeproject(RiaRecipe!/Test Drive 1.0/ isNull()

Stay tuned!

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Attention Open Source Authors: If you have not been keeping up with the latest motivation behind the GNU General Public License (GPL 3), then you might want to tune-in to the current debate, as sparked by TiVo's success.

Having supported Richard's movement in code, prose, and affection since I wrote about Mr. Stallman (via The Fortworth Star Telegram's STARTEXT system) decades ago, I believe that the sentiments of Linus Torvalds are presently more in keeping with the problems targeted by the original GNU Manifesto.

Decide for yourself:



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Resume Robers! 
In a previous post I wrote about the horrors of being employed by people who do not respect our countries notion of what an "employee" is. Far from complying with the IRS regulations on what it means to be genuinely "employed", today hosts of unscrupulous people typically employ us for statutory work, force us to pay our own expenses, then dump us back into the market whenever any single contract is over.

Worse still, by studying the resumes that we give them, these same people can easily learn who we worked for, and when. Indeed, with the help of a careless secretary or two, from discovering the name of our projects, to the technologies, hiring managers, and their phone numbers, the information you provide a would-be contract ''employer'' can be twisted and doctored in such a way so as to allow legions of inferior workers to steal your job. Indeed, farming the content off of American resumes has become so profitable that reported it's first on-line break in this year!

I personally ran into the result of this type of misrepresentation recently at a major telecommunications company. Outrageously, the person who we interviewed on the phone did not even match the person that arrived on-site. Upon confronting the would-be consultant with the problem, we discovered that not only had this imported worker stolen many of the project names and buzzwords from somewhere else, but that the combination of the contract signed and the internal HR process made it a long time before we could be free of the impostor.

Another example: While working on an extremely well paying gig (it had to be - I was to succeed where four others had not), I saw the resume rip-off artists in action again. This time I was the reason for the security breach. How? Well, after telling a head-hunter 'friend' that I was getting twice the rate he was offering me, he hounded me day and night to tell him who I was working for. After declining time and time again, this person finally tricked a reference I had given him into telling him the name of my client.

What happened next took place in less than six weeks: The VP of IT was contacted by a series of outsourcing firms. Entire teams of workers were hired. After a few weeks, my client declared - from then on out - that she would only use Indians. They started letting people go.

I completed my project and left the company. Interestingly, and within less than 7 months, I discovered that every other project - one of which was generating over 10 Million dollars a month in revenue per month - had to be scrapped. It seems that their paper-pushing employees could simply not do the work that they said their they could do, let alone perform under pressure. A mere 14 months after the first impostor set foot in that troubled company, I discovered that the the company had filed for bankruptcy. While they tried to get their former workers back, good people do not often sit around too long in any type of market.

Indeed, I heard similar tales from my friends at Borland. -After surviving four layoffs (the last under the hand on an Indian manager who had replaced my boss,) the last several years the company stock has routinely traded for under $1 per share. Welcome to the 3rd world.

Of course I do not mean to pick on any particular nationality here. While the problem is common amongst all nationalities (even our own), I can only relate what has happened to me personally.

So what is the problem? I suppose most of it is that Americans can indeed be a rather trusting lot. We tend to take people at their word. But the moral of the story is this: Be careful who you give that resume to! If you are an employer, today more than ever you need to check those credentials carefully. Just because a body smiles and says that they are from MIT, Stamford, Harvard, or even Georgia Tech, it does not prove that they have any college education what-so-ever. The same can be said for any projects and / or technologies they may pretend to represent.

In the words of an extremely competent friend of mine from India: "Americans are so stupid. They think that all Indians are intelligent... but let me tell you, we have plenty of stupid people here!"

So beware of those resume snatchers. The job they are after just might be yours!

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