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PyDAO's NEW Graphical User Interface 
The Soft9000/PyDAO ("PyDAO") project now allows us to quickly create a Python Class from either a GUI, API, textual (CSV, TDF, Enpiped, etc.) data file, or using a Python Dictionary.

Workflows include (1) creating stand-alone PyDAO projects, (2) extracting PyDAO projects from textual (CSV, etc.) data files, (3) creating database code from PyDAO projects, and (4) directly creating code from textual data files. Result output-locations can also be specified.

The generated code can be used to create / drop database schema (DDL,) as well as to import & work with (C.R.U.D & query) your designed / detected / updated projects.


Project Video:

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Pythonic DevOps? 
Join us at SecureSet in Tampa for a presentation on managing & responding to Murphy's Law ... on-the-job!

Signed copies of "Python by Requirement" will be for sale.

FREE coupons to "Python 1000" and "Testing Success" will be gifted to all attendees.

See you there?

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Subject: The GNU Programmer's Primer 

On Monday, July 9, 2018, 06:10, Geoffrey Barnes wrote:

Hey Randall,

I recently checked out your best selling Udemy course about creating Makefiles, Applications, and Libraries using the GNU Tool Set that teaches using GNU's `dbg` and `xxgdb` tools to perform stack-based debugging and I find it a great tutorial. Course link here.

And your teaching approach? Awesome!

My name is Geoffrey, I am web developer and a Udemy affiliate.

A little while ago, I reviewed some best selling Udemy courses on my LoudProgrammer blog here and I've got some interesting feedback from my readers.

But, since I couldn't include all top courses into this list, I just wanted to reach out personally and give you a high five for the great content and wealth of experience you are sharing with Udemy learners.

Anyways, keep up the great work. You just hit 18,498 total students last week.

Talk soon,

Geoffrey Barnes,

Visit Site

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