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Pirates of Pi-stance 
I've just cloned my data collections from MySQL for embedded / stand-alone use on a Raspberry Pi (as well as Android, Windows, OS/X, Linux, and ... uh ... well ... virtually everywhere else!)
--Even Microsoft is planing on supporting the 'Pi Platform!

Best Of All?

We will be using the data collections on everything from PHP & Python to Java and .NET: You've simply gotta love Sqlite3!

To celebrate, allow us to share a modern re-versing ;) of an ancient programming-platform celebratory song:

We've built a better platform
for your data-needs in general

For data bases vegetable, animal, and mineral

The OS handles CPUs
with multiplexed complexity;

Our C++ compiler has impressive functionality...!

The storage system's better than
something with an old 'nt,

You never have to bother checking out
a bit's odd-parity;

There isn't any reason
to install non-static floor matting;

The boot-point has capacity for external disk-formatting.

I feel compelled to mention
what I know to be a gloating point:

There's lots of speed in memory
for variables as floating-point,

Which shows for input vegetable, animal, and mineral

We've built a better platform
for our data-needs in general!

(Note: If one cannot pick-up the beat after the first two verses or so, the above was designed be sung to the tune of the "Modern Major General" from the "Pirates of Penzance" ;)

Enjoy the Journey!


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Staples Asks: "Do you have a surprising tip for improving productivity?" 
I wish I was the first one to note it, but it was Thomas Monson who brought the idea that "when performance is measured, performance improves" into my bailiwick.

Yet to force people to be more obsessed with recording what they do is one very sure way to demoralize & intimidate just about everyone!

But to answer the question of how to improve productivity, on a PERSONAL level I have discovered that privately micro-blogging about what I do every day is the best way to ensure that I am always productive. Over time, voluntarily choosing to record what I do not only encourages me to do many more things, but in the technical world using tools like the "About Time" software allows me to diagnose though technical problems, as well as to generate the related reporting.

You can read more about "About Time" on the download page.

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