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It has been quite awhile since I updated the blog. -We have been spending much time growing the Facebook, instead!

Yes, I know I swore-out of FB awhile back... but shortly thereafter I felt inspired to create a group dedicated to Python3 Training.

Python3 Training Group - Click

Now weighing in at over 12,000 members - and growing by 1000 new students each month - I guess the notion, was worth locomotion?

Also by way of inspiration, allow me to note that today, July 4th, 2020, that - for whatever reason - I feel inspired to public ally share the 90 free videos - usually reserved for my fellow book patrons & Pythoneers - with you, as well:

Free Video Page - Click

Happy Bangs, Noises, Smells & Revolutionary-Remembrance Days?

- Randall


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