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Return of the Piranha 
Got a cheap, NEW-name Micro SD card. Should have known better, but - after avoiding so many NAND 'knock-offs & outright scams - the card looked genuine?

Yikes. The chips did not even have the decency to die - just trashed my data after working fine for the first bank.

Pure evil.

Knowing what I know from my security & robotics days, I had to either chip it, or get a refund. Times being what they are, we opted for the cash back.

Yet using `dd` and /dev/urandom would have taken days (~150 GB / day!)

So we updated ye olde 'Piranha wipe to gen the files - one group per PID.

Took three 'fish' a few hours to trash 400GB - (odd number of K - yet another sign that the card was untrustworthy!)

Thought I would share the code.

Enjoy the journey,

-- Randall


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