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Hey Amazon - Where's the RESET button? 
It is probably entirely my fault - yet it still happened.

Re-directing 'web site A-records - creating permissions - zones - VPCs.

Was all working great, then BOOM. Health checks pass, but public IP addresses cannot be reached. -Even when all ports have been enabled? IP CDRs matching on the inside, and well as the 'out?

That was last weekend.

This weekend, the last straw came when I created a new VPC - and my default VPC automatically disappeared.

Yikes - I must have done something wrong ... and though I delete it all - painstakingly re-doing it all from scratch - the guts remain ever-yet messed-up.

I suppose that is a complement really - when it comes to pushing the limits of what is supposed to be a tech-savvy, robust, billion-dollar cloud offering - whose your 'dadday? (*)

p.s. FWIW, our "quick fix" AWS solution was to delete my company account ... faceless fortunes a'willing, we might be 'ale to start it over again - in a month or so?

(*) UPDATE: Far from being intended as a pun - went to to set up a 'server. Got it installed, updated, + HTTPD, and Python 3.6 (3.7 decidedly a no-go) in less than an hour. All that with totally cool, my-fellow-American, web-savvy technical support from a gal who was not afraid to research & recommend the very best solution for our long-standing account.

'Roger that.


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