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EzLog for Python 
Originally written in C/C++, how could I not share this one?


from datetime import datetime as zdatetime
from email import utils

class EzLog():

def _hack(self, message):
znow =
znow = utils.localtime(znow)
self.local_date = znow.strftime(format=self.LFORMAT)
self.message = str(message)

def Create(recipe):
import sys
words = sys.argv[1:]
message = ''
for word in words:
if len(message) is not 0:
message += ' '
message += word
return recipe(message)

def __init__(self, message):
""" Taking care of beez-nice """
self.LFORMAT = '%Y/%m/%d: %H.%M.%S (LOCAL)'
self.UFORMAT = '%Y/%m/%d: %H.%M.%S [%z]'

def __repr__(self):
return self.local_date + "\t" + self.message + "\n"

def __str__(self):
return repr(self)

def hack(self, message):
""" Update the time, as well as the message """

def isNull(self):
return len(self.message) == 0

if __name__ == '__main__':
entry = EzLog.Create()
with open("./logger.log", "a") as fp:
if entry.isNull():
entry.message = "This is a test"




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