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YouTube Videos Moved - New Channel Strategy 

VB.Net Presentation

A few years back - and in the spirit of "sharing is caring" - I decided to post a basic screen-cast attempt at presenting my "Introduction to Programming with VB.Net," & chum it onto YouTube.

-In as much as VB had never been Object Oriented before, my intent was to introduce as many people as possible to the amazing new abilities of Visual Basic. Not only had VB finally graduated into our modern object-era, but whatever we choose to create in VB could also now EASILY be used by C#, as well as any other .Net Programming Language... and vise versa!


Surprisingly, when returning to YouTube three years later, I was rather amazed to discover that I had several hundred followers. While inspired by that fact - and surely intending to provide more content for that community - as I began to post videos on other topics I began to loose my fellow VB.Net enthusiasts. In as much adding playlists to my Channel only seemed to make matters worse, I decided to simply move the videos to their OWN dedicated channels.

Expectation Management

Of course, we 'techies are not the main audience on social media; it took several years to get several hundred subscribers; now that I have deleted the old content, I do not expect the number of views to be anywhere the same for several years. -But the more subscribers, the more time I will be able to spend creating additional community content.

Bottom Line

So if you are wondering where the VB.Net, Java, Python, SQL, Hardware, and other content went, please note that links to "Channel VB.Net," "Channel Java," "Channel Python3," and other communities will now be shown on each and every blog page.

Of course, the content for will still be there, as well. We will simply be using the same as the staging area for general announcements, as well as to serve as home to any content that has yet to garner enough critical mass so as to warrant it's own channel.

Enjoy the journey,



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