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Criminal Incompetence, or Simply Evil? 
It was time to get another phone. Since I have plenty of Android devices, for the sake of comprehensive R&D testing I decided to get a resource constrained iPhone.

After I logged into the web site using my 10+ year account, I was told that my new IPHONE 5C would be a free upgrade, with no contract required. Happy days.

After ordering the phone, I tried to cancel the order a mere 5 minutes after ordering the unit. Unlike what one might expect from a self-sourcing equipment vendor, I was told that it was impossible to cancel my order!

Sadly, by the time I received my phone you might as well forget that ludicrously-lame 14 D-A-Y return policy. I simply needed a phone in-the-field, as well as ANY phone to support my own Apache Cordova R&D testing plans.

So not only did I have to pay full price for the phone + an activation fee, but imagine my dismay when I was not even able to activate the device after its arrival without agreeing to a 2 year contract!

Then there would be a restocking fee?

Further outrage might have taken place when - upon visiting the Apple Store - we saw that this exact same phone was being offered by at&t for free!

So please: If the people at at&t mobile phone support division are not evil or stupid, then surely their software research & software development teams are completely lacking any semblance of technical ability!

Better still: When we tried to register the phone at the at&t web site (via wifi,) even the Safari would not work until Javascript was disabled!

Certainly it seems that SOMEone who surely checked off the "okay" box on this entire use case might have not even been able to pronounce the word "t-e-s-t"?

Yet one cannot help but to wonder: Is this farce merely yet-another case of pathetic corporate software developer incompetence, or simple money-grubbing deception?

Either way, one must conclude that this is not your daddy's AT&T!

So what was the total cost + commitment for my "free" phone in consideration of our decade++ support of at&t, you might ask?

A mere $3,320.oo!

It seems that P.T Barnum was right - yet if you do not want to be the sucker who got sucked in, then you had better not order on-line with at&t!


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