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Let's Get Professional! 
Enough is enough already: Just because one is a new software developer does not mean that one should not know how to design & document what one needs to do!

Mission: POSSIBLE!

In as much as I often work with folks who could use a 'tad more insight into what professional software developers need-to-know to design & capture requirements, I wanted to do my best to help.

Professional Java 8100: Design, Frameworks & Threads

YouTube Lectures

Submitted for your approval please find the first public release of a 1-hour video presentation. -Known as "Professional Java," my goal is to allow you to experience a first-class training exercise. A quick view of a one-two lecture / lab punch. A set of three lessons designed to allow those who already know how to use Java discover what software developers most often need-to-know on-the-job.

Freely available on YouTube, my hope is that this 1-hour training + 1 hour lab seminar will help you take your career to the next level.

Introduction: Why the Training
Part One: Console Threading
Part Two: Designing Messages
Part Three: GUI & Frameworks

Lab Exercise Booklet

Like any professional training opportunity, you can also get the lab exercises & source code.

Part Labs: Labs & Code

See the related link (below) for more information.

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p.s: If you want learn about Java, then feel free to join the group.


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