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New Product: Fiark FTT 


What do you do when you have too much energy to get to sleep?

Some count sheep, some program themselves with T.V, some walk their neighbours cat ...

Others write software.


This nights meanderings witnessed the creation of Fiark, a 'niftly (yes, I used a 50ies-ism) little 'ware designed to "float" my files between Ubuntu, Centos, MS Windows, OS/X... AnYwhErE a REAL JVM can be 'empestered.

Fiark Features

- Minimalist Design
- Remembers Settings
- Fast Backup
- Faster Restore
- Fully Threaded

Fiark will:

- Preserve file types, dates, and times.
- Skip over Symbolic Links!
- "Float" files between OS/X <=> Windows <=> Linux
- Support ALL Java platforms! (OS/X, Ubuntu, MS Windows, ... & more!)

Fiark Notes

- Other tools (Zip, Tar, gzip) NOT required!
- Archive saved in standard ZIP Format
- Requires Java 1.7, or greater

Bottom Line

If you - like myself - have had quite enough managing date & time attributes (etc) while crafting querky-little scripts using (1) any number of mismatched tools (XCOPY, TAR, gzip ...!) across outright hostile (2) file systems (Ext4, ExFAT, FAT/DOS, NTFS, (etc, etc, etc,) then (3) Fiark was written for you, too!

Enjoy the Journey,



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