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BeagleBone Black 
REVIEW: Beagleboard (Beaglebone Rev C) Starter Kit--includes Clear Case--Power Supply--Micro USB Cable (Electronics)


We recently (and grudgingly) acquired a BeagleBone Black single-board microcontroller. After exploring the device on the behalf of a client, I decided to post a review on Amazon:

"Let me begin by saying that I have allot of experience & advocacy for the Raspberry PI, Arduino, & other single-board devices. So as an accomplished developer in embeddable C/C++, LAMP, and Java (etc.), I was a bit put off by the idea of having a browser-based / JavaScript / BoneScript (?!) front end to any platform. --What the heck is wrong with the more efficient & machine-language-oriented traditions, anyway?

Well, please allow me to say that after a few hours playing with the BeagleBone Black that not only am I very happy with deciding to take the plunge (`gonna purpose another one to host The Quote For Today's processing!), but that this puppy (pun intended) is rapidly becoming my favorite device.

Indeed, after testing the quite-capable 'specs for the `Black, in as much as my primary client is looking to instantly deploy a MORE RUGGED platform, the `Bone is a natural choice. -With 3 x 128 addressable points (3 x SPI) and a range of -40 to 90 degrees `charley, this platform is a natural choice to support near-field telemetry aggregation, as well as visualization. --Indeed, having an ability to rapidly cobble-together a CGI in C/C++ (or just about anything else!) so as to allow Apache to spew-forth a WIFIed HTML5 / CSS3 interface is making everyone's day. -Even the Java GWT guys!

So sure: Putting a JavaScript interface over the hosting of a discreet set of data-collection devices sounds mega-queer. Yet keep in mind that underneath the `Black Bone's web-presence there beats a standards-based heart of a true-blue, POSIX-Complyant, promise-keeping, set of forever-coolness."

In as much as I use allot of automated devices around the home office (many for temperature logging, roll-up, and visualization) what was most refreshing about the board was precisely what I did not think I would like: The BoneScript in the browser interface. Indeed, within a few moments we were able to attach a USB WIFI to the device, and start the "what if" process.

Of course many will like to know that the 'Bone is a few dollars more than the 'Pi. Yet after comparing the 'specs side-by-side, most will surely come to the conclusion that - as usual - in our extremely competitive world - that you always get what your pay for?


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