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Project Csv9000 - A Minimalist CSV Reader / Writer in Java 
There I was working on an export from AboutTime. Because I was using Microsoft Windows on a client-provided laptop, that ever-present copy of (what has become) darth-Excel was also 'empesterd upon it. (How be it that by adding more graphical coolness, that the Microsoft tools are actually becoming far, far less usable?)

While - before it was outsourced - Excel worked as rationally as WYSIWYG has always demanded, like many other formerly-great products "Microsoft" Excel now makes allot of arrogant & ignorant assumptions. -The most annoying of which last week was to assume that the superior, ever sort-able data format of 'YYYY/MM/DD' was not what any user could *possibly* want to preserve. --So Excel automatically detected & changed the date format to 'DD/MM/YYYY' for each and every one of my hundred-plus log / blog entries.

How enlightened ... (Not!)

Oh well, what does not kill us makes us stronger...

After noting yet another case of ESL under-think (we always get what we pay for folks!), I decided to create a new CSV-Parsing Project. --One designed to survive the assumptions of both the hopelessly under-paid, as well as tenured.

Shortly available on Sourceforge, the goal of this project is to remain the most reliable & robust CSV Reader / Writer available ... brought to us in as few lines of code as possible.


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